What I do is figure out how we can eat some of the things that people collect. I have to know the signs of ripeness and if it can make a person sick to eat it. I report to the Healer when I make a discovery that does something to a person’s health. We work together most of the time. Basically, I need to know the techniques of cooking or soaking or squishing or pounding – what all that does to various things that we find growing. The best part is that I get to monitor the Beer Brewers.

One time I came back to the camp after a day in the woods with a basket full of mushrooms. Whoah – the Healer and I had a good time with those. Soups and teas and potions were made that night, I can tell you. It took me three risings of the sun before I could work again properly. The Healer took even longer! (It’s a good thing that Sirma’s child didn’t come that week.)

Anyway, there have been some wonderful things that were far more pleasant to eat after I did my work with them. You cannot just eat everything the way you find it, you know?

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