I perform for the Ritual Merrymaking Circles. It thrills me to don my special feathers and furs and baubles. When the drums start beating, I really get into it. Dance is my greatest talent. I’ll have some celebratory brew and be dancing the night away. I sing if persuaded by the moment. Juggling – not so much. It’s actually having the people watch me that gets me going the most. Acting out is my middle name.
The Ritual Planner lets me know in advance because I am adored in that circle. The entire community waits for my entrance. There is usually time to shake the old trimmings out and replace anything that the beetles have eaten too much of. You just never know. I go see the Feather Mistress if I need anything. I’m having some special footwear made right now. I don’t know how to do it so they stay on with all the kicking that I do when I’m dancing. Recently I talked a friend of mine into making them for me. It’s going to cost me, but it will be so worth it. Another friend of mine is going to give me some cowry shells from the sea. You won’t believe what I have to do for that! But if I can get them sewn onto the new footwear, . . . well . . . OH, MY MOTHER NATURE!

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