I am called Great Wise. I have no other name. It was taken from me long ago. I know things.  Every tribe has a Great Wise to take their troubles to.  It is my job to offer suggestions.  I try not to say too much.  When there is a gathering and someone must speak in front of all the people, that is Great Wise doing the talking.   I never get nervous.  Some of the words are from our tradition and I just sing the song to deliver them.  Sometimes I have to create the words because of the occasion.   

It took a long long time to learn the ways of Great Wise from the last one who was that.  I am training two people now, just in case.  If they had to set a new Great Wise with no one trained, it would be terrible.  They might need to get a trainee from another tribe and that would be very very hard to do.  So they take good care of me here.  

Great Wise sets the men on the hunt. Great Wise speaks with the Sky Watchers and the Wind Breathers and the Tasters of Earth. Wisdom and all announcements are the job of Great Wise.