I am a sky watcher.  I sleep during the day and work at night in the darkness while others are sleeping. Quite often, all I get from my family is a quick wave at dusk or dawn. That is very eerie to some, but I like it.  It’s actually better to not have too many distractions while I am tracking the movements of the lights above.  What I actually do is I advise the builders when they are plotting out a new shrine and I also meet regularly with the folks involved in ceremonial planning.  It’s absolutely necessary for them to know exactly where we are in the passing of seasons, the appearance of a blood moon, etc.  Of course, I was trained for a very long time as what could be called an apprentice. It’s an important job that I am proud to do quite well.  It does get a bit lonely in the darkness sometimes, although it is very lovely.  I do wish that more girls apprenticed as Sky Watchers.

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