As you might guess, feathers are extremely important when it comes to dressing up for a special occasion.  In fact, these days, the fashion is to wear feathers any time at all.  Some people do confuse me with a Feather Collector, but oh no.  That is not me at all.  I am the Feather Mistress.  Folks bring them to me when they find good ones.  They also bring bad ones because not everyone has an eye for feathers.  (See above example, but he was little and so sweet about it.) So I try to be nice about it when that happens because I can usually make do with a little tender care.   

Feathers in the collars, feathers in the hair, feathers in a waistband, feathers in a pair.  It’s tedious work sometimes so I sing while I do it.   Anyway, once there was a High Calling and all the ladies wanted feather girdles — all identical.  Can you imagine?  I didn’t even have to do the girdle-making part, but getting the appropriate feathers so that they would all match was a ridiculous challenge.  In the end, I solved it by mixing them all up and doing variety on each girdle.  Wasn’t that clever?  They looked utterly fantastic in the torchlight with all those human legs sticking out underneath.  Truly magnificent!

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