Yes, I am a child. I am really a Wild Child. I am not afraid of anything. I don’t have real job, but I have duties that the big ones keep telling me to do. And if you don’t do them, you get in trouble, so I do them but as fast as I can. I mostly like to make art with burnt sticks and things like that. I used to make a lot more, but now I am learning how to hunt by watching the spear practice sessions. They won’t let me get too close but me and my friend figured out how to use some nice sticks to practice when nobody was looking for us. We know all the secret places that nobody knows about. My dog always goes with us so we won’t get lost. My sister tied a decoration to him that he seems to like. I do not wear foot coverings – ever. My feet are so tough that nothing could hurt them. My life is pretty good, I guess. Unless we are on the move. That is terrible because I always have to carry stuff and walk a lot and a lot. It would be good to do some hunting.