Um, I don’t really have a job like the grown people do, but my mother makes me do some things and they told me to say it like a job.  I make these things out of clay, about like a nice two hand sized.  It has to have all the sides come up like when you curl your fingers in, but all around.  Then I stretch one little part out a small bit and pinch it for a holder and let it dry in the shade.  Not the sun because it can crack and then it’s no good.  I did mess some up once.  So another day when a few of them are dry, I have to stuff them with nice dense moss and wait for that to dry out.  Oh wait — I forgot to say that you can paint them with nice designs. Do not bother to paint on the inside. Then you let that dry out. Then you stuff in the moss. Then it gets tricky.  I have to saturate the moss with melted fat but not all the way to the brim.  Back in the shade they go.  Mostly, when it’s dark, we are all sleeping but sometimes my mother gets up with the baby and she does like to have more light than just the banked nightfire.  So I make lamps for her.  You can keep using the same clay lamp part after it’s burned up by just putting in some fresh moss and more fat. It’s easy!

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