from the Ancient Greek words “mega” for great and “lithos” for stone

“The deep primitive sound level is always present in our consciousness (in the corresponding areas of the brain) and because of its primitiveness it remains unaffected even when other, more superficial levels of consciousness are damaged or destroyed, by accident, illness, stressful situations or age.”
~ Prof. Iegor Reznikoff
Music Anthropologist

It stretches the mind to its limits to suggest that the megalithic* architecture of antiquity could have anything to offer the 21st Century in the field of therapeutic benefit.

You are asked to suspend skepticism for just a minute.

Looking at ruins that are all that remain after thousands of years, one might not give much thought to what it sounded like inside the world’s earliest built places of ritual and ceremony when they were intact.  That’s a mistake.

There exists credible evidence that the first monuments were intentionally created with characteristics that result in acoustics that compel one to listen.  It is also likely that by developing what they heard and identifying frequencies that performed the best in the site, early builders hit on something that flooded their brains with Dopamine and endorphins, stirring other neurological impacts that are only now becoming better understood in the latest research in Neuroscience. It is known that certain sound and resonance frequencies are important to the brain.   Labs across the world are currently mapping the dynamics of the neural effects of sound and music toward the creation of new non-chemical treatments for various disorders. 

One of these ancient devotional places has survived intact.  It produces its most impressive resonance at frequencies that have been shown in the lab to impact on mood and emotional processing.  Lithicare(R) has been specifically designed to replicate this experience for therapeutic use at both a clinical and a traditional level.   Recordings made onsite during archaeoacoustic research capture all the play and complexities of sound waves which are a simple result of physics, whether one can explain them or not.   No synthetic electrical signals here — just simple authentic vocals and animal hide drums, with the limestone chambers echoing exactly the same today as they did before the pyramids were made.

Sound is vibration.  It’s really as simple as that.
It has no age or expiration date. 


Amazing!  The sound allowed – somehow  — my brain to be clear without thoughts.  That is HUGE!

I wish it was longer!

I felt calm, relaxed and connected to the environment.  Sort of fixated on the image of the pierced megalith as there being a hidden image there that would be detected if I stared long enough.

I felt centered in a straight zone on through as if the sound were getting me prepared and cleared for the main event.  A knot of grief I had been feeling in my chest was lifted and gone.   I mean – it’s gone!

It made me feel sleepy, but then it sounded like there was a Godzilla in there! Very cool.

It does something.  You really can’t think of too much when the drum is beating and you’re waiting for the next buzz.  I felt it flowing in my shoulders and maybe a little in my chest. 

It’s an engaging way to have a spiritual experience – no matter what you believe in.

Please, can I do it again?