Do I have enough time left on this earth to finish all my projects?


Wait a moment. This requires that I must take a look at your bones.

I see. Yes. You can finish the projects all. Take the time to do them well.

Do not think of any new ones.

Will I ever meet the woman of my dreams?


Ah, poor strange man. You have already met her. Alas, you were too fixated on what and whom you thought you wanted: something showy and more fair. The woman of your dreams never took up with another after you went away from her. She ended her days without you, content that fate had saved her from unhappy disaster that she could not foretell when she was blinded by your charms. Your emptiness, longing and restlessness will continue unabated.

Will humankind survive another hundred years?

Sophie from Peoria

Somewhat. Things will be different in unexpected ways. The 2020’s will generally come to be known as The Era of Reckoning, and in some societies as The Days of Fools and Monkeys. Nature always wins.

Which came first: the chicken or the egg. 

Haden from Alabama

Alabama!  What a lovely name that is.  Well, Haden, this is a very hard question that you are asking.  Came first before what?  A chicken is a hen bird, yes?  Usually, a hen is easier to find, but the egg is easier to pick up because it doesn’t run away.  If one doesn’t want to eat the egg right away, it will keep for quite a while.  A hen bird goes bad if it is not eaten quickly.  Nasty stinky bad.  Woohoooo.

You should throw an egg into the sea to represent the starting of all life.  Also it is a precious gift to the sea.  Do not worry about whether it will break on the way to the bottom.